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Support for TaskPaper-like outlining in Smart Add syntax

(closed account) says:
A new feature in OmniFocus is tempting me away from RTM. OmniFocus now recognizes TaskPaper syntax via the iOS URL scheme and share extension. This makes it easy to outline a project or checklist in a plain text file and then send it to OmniFocus. Any software that can produce TaskPaper syntax can thus export a project or checklist to OmniFocus.

The TaskPaper syntax is a bit verbose, so I don't recommend that RTM adopt it *in toto*. But if the Smart Add syntax were extended to recognize subtasks by indentation, outlining projects and checklists would be much easier (on iOS, at least). If I could email something like this to RTM and have RTM recognize the structure, RTM would be more useful to me:

Do a task
Do a subtask
Do another subtask
Do another task
Do yet another subtask
Do one more subtask
Do a subsubtask
Do another subsubtask

Enabling this via the share extension or the URL scheme on iOS would be even handier than email.
Posted at 1:04pm on December 12, 2016
(closed account) says:
Argh. I should have previewed. The indentation didn't show up in the post.
Posted 6 years ago
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