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Shortcut keys to move/reorder task up/down in list

Started by gthomps1 Web app0 comments

Ability to make a child task primary

Started by alexandru.savinov Web app1 comment

Android Themes

Started by oroden Android app1 comment

Android Themes

Started by oroden Android app1 comment

Take breaks from repeating tasks

Started by melissavdb General0 comments

Customize the name of priorities

Started by restrito.carlos Web app0 comments

Add "Related People" to tasks

Started by restrito.carlos Web app1 comment

"Select All" button in Edit mode (Android)

Started by boneycur Android app0 comments

Manual sort drag-and-drop

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Allow SSO via Google

Started by dave.liao Android app1 comment

Shortcut to Jump to the top of the list

Started by masakuni.ito.19 Web app0 comments

Full week in due date options

Started by maite.taboada General1 comment

Don't show due tasks in bold

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Allow app icon to be customized on mobile

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Task Deadline Equal to Upcoming SubTask Deadline

Started by disabeyance General0 comments

Enable attachment from pCloud

Started by mattias.hultman General0 comments

Subtask not showing

Started by migmae General0 comments

More attachment options: Nextcloud

Started by migmae New integrations0 comments

Sort order option by most/least recently added

Started by amandafrench General0 comments

Multiple Groups?

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments