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Dependent tasks

Started by michael.stewart Web app410 comments

Customize list (tab) colors

Started by pretendr Web app91 comments

Statistics on completed tasks

Started by ernfors Web app72 comments

Location-based notifications

Started by nick.henry iPhone app139 comments

Integrate 'A Bit Better RTM'

Started by (closed account) Web app75 comments


Started by danielpataki Web app148 comments

Time tracking for tasks

Started by kdriscoll Web app84 comments

Calendar view

Started by (closed account) Web app57 commentsAnswered

Snooze button for notifications

Started by mcattack44 Android app37 comments

CalDAV support (iCalendar sync)

Started by gferreroferri New integrations132 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by currys Android app24 commentsAnswered

Ask for date to postpone to when postponing a task

Started by ulises.pabon iPhone app4 comments

Dropbox integration

Started by New integrations10 comments

Remember The Milk Labs

Started by amoslemi General5 comments

Google Tasks sync

Started by twisted_daemon New integrations100 comments

Add a 'waiting' status for tasks

Started by joheine Web app10 comments

Export tasks to CSV

Started by nickle Web app96 comments

Ability to edit task names inline (in the task list)

Started by lhenriquez Web app21 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by halloleo iPhone app6 comments

Ability to dismiss individual task notifications (instead of 'Dismiss All')

Started by busychris18 Android app9 comments