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Ability to edit task names inline (in the task list)

lhenriquez says:
I wish I could edit tasks in place instead of having to select one, then go to the tasks pane. Also my tasks tend to have alot of text, so its a pain to have to get to the end of a multi-sentence task in the tiny text box - why not have it expand to the full size of the text area like facebook comments. There's tons of jquery plugin that make this simple - when you select the text area, auto-expand to the full size.
Posted at 1:52am on December 30, 2010
dana2345 says:
Definitely an important feature to add.
Posted 8 years ago
buzztone says:
Ditto - would be so much easier to edit tasks in place instead of having to select one, then go to the tasks pane.

Currently when you click on the text it puts tick in the tick box. This has no advantage over having to tick in the box and in many cases leads to me ticking items I don't won't ticked as I do a lot of cutting & pasting text.

I also have the problem mentioned with editing long descriptions - it is really tricky and very slow the way it is implemented.

By the way I Loooooove RTM but editing task titles drives me to distraction.

Posted 8 years ago
johnmazz says:
Yes, this would be so useful!
Posted 8 years ago
condemetrius says:
I came here to suggest editing just the task label in place, but your idea is even better.
Posted 8 years ago
remotefacade says:
Agree - renaming tasks is currently pretty clumsy due to the tiny size of the text box.
Posted 8 years ago
carolsher says:
My top priority would be the ability to easily edit long task titles.

I use RTM extensively for work and home lists, and find it frustrating that it's so hard to edit the description.

I would be quite happy to just have a bigger box on the edit pane.

Like others here, I really value RTM - thanks for building such a great product.
Posted 8 years ago
jillian.cocklin says:
I just signed up yesterday - I keep trying to do this intuitively and getting frustrated when it doesn't work!
Posted 8 years ago
wintermute314 says:
I would at least expect a larger area on the task pane on which you can edit the task's name. If you use RTM in a business setting tasks tend to have more complex names than "pick up the milk".
I don't see why they just make the editing box a bit bigger. This can't be too much work and there's ample screen real estate.

Of course being able to edit them in line would be much nicer, but much harder to do.
So, Bob, start with enlaging the edit box!
Posted 7 years ago
shansell says:
AGREE: This is a very important time saver.
I edit tasks a lot and it takes too many clicks to do.
Posted 7 years ago
bicer says:
Some tasks are long. The short edit line on the right of the screen is hard to use. One needs to scroll back and forth. Why?
Please add inline editing and save us from this misery.
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
Please, please, please... inline editing at best, but *at least* make the edit box expand to accommodate longer entries. This is the only thing that bugs me about RTM--and it bugs me a lot and often because it comes up so often. Please!
Posted 6 years ago
glbosse says:
please--i agree
bigger text box
Posted 6 years ago
stenemo says:
Make the edit box expand to accommodate longer entries! This is the only thing that bugs me about RTM--and it bugs me a lot and often because it comes up so often. Please!
Posted 5 years ago
jennifer.tillett says:
Just commenting to try to bump up the priority on this one. This is my one big problem with RTM.
Posted 5 years ago
amamas says:
- edit inline
- edit box expand while editing
Posted 5 years ago
pean says:
Yes! Smart add is one of the features that turned me into RTM in the first place and I want that for edit too.
Posted 2 years ago
pfaco says:
I agree, editing inline is crucial. Of course it should be done not only for the task name but for all other fields such as tags and due date.
Posted 1 year ago
johnfoland says:
@pfaco - Those other fields are already edited inline.

Bob: I up-vote this feature for sure, but please know that I up-vote "Show Subtasks Underneath Parent Tasks" way more.
Posted 1 year ago
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