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Ability to link contacts and tasks

Started by sweens Web app2 comments

Ability to repeat a task a set number of times in a week, but not on specific days (e.g. read a book 4 times in a week)

Started by adrian.adkison Web app2 comments

Return to the task list after completing a task

Started by hmiyaza1 Mobile version6 comments

Ability to archive and unarchive lists

Started by jacobkball iPhone app6 comments

Timeline view

Started by nickle Web app2 comments

Show the keyboard shortcuts next to the fields (e.g. 'Time estimate (g)')

Started by azeckoski Web app3 comments

Support for Markdown in notes

Started by ivan.aga Web app39 comments

Display the name of the user who created a shared task

Started by devenv Web app4 comments

Ability to add photos or audio to tasks

Started by nlstefan Web app15 comments

Support for formatting in notes

Started by jordi9 Web app14 comments

Customize which task properties are shown in the task list

Started by bbeetle Web app4 comments

New repeat option: every month on the [interval] last business day (e.g. 'every month on the 2nd last business day')

Started by jeffnoone Web app6 comments

Display the name of the user who completed a shared task

Started by ritaly Web app2 comments

Apple iCal to-do sync

Started by tyee77 New integrations190 comments

Ability to merge tasks

Started by tom.nijns Web app7 comments

Complete tasks from the widget

Started by meggerud Android app4 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by jthomerson Android app11 comments

Password protection (so nobody else can see my tasks if they use my iPad)

Started by menage iPad app12 comments

Quick complete via checkboxes

Started by oleolo Mobile version7 comments

Gantt charts

Started by ole.clausen Web app36 comments