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Ability to sort lists

Started by pixelwiz Mobile version3 comments

Return to the task list after completing a task

Started by hmiyaza1 Mobile version6 comments

Quick complete via checkboxes

Started by oleolo Mobile version8 comments

Ability to change the due date quickly from the list view

Started by guice Mobile version0 comments

Show more than 10 tasks on a page

Started by gormac Mobile version3 comments

Provide link to Google Maps from task location

Started by charlich Mobile version1 comment

Ability to delete tasks

Started by bluesgeek Mobile version5 comments

Make open to all devices

Started by (closed account) Mobile version4 comments

Inherit task properties when adding to Smart Lists

Started by whibs Mobile version4 comments

Ability to quickly add just a task name

Started by cintra Mobile version0 comments

Show where you are in the list (e.g. 'Displaying tasks 11-20 of 80')

Started by rob.davis Mobile version1 comment

Ability to add lists

Started by quilnmous Mobile version1 comment

Customizable font size

Started by tomvenice Mobile version3 comments

Show the tag cloud

Started by pkhristolubov Mobile version1 comment

Shortcuts for 'more', 'back to today', and 'back to menu'

Started by centeruniverse Mobile version0 comments

Windows 10 phone

Started by magnen Mobile version0 comments