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Customizable font size

tomvenice says:

I am using RTM on Nokia phones, via the web interface.
It's all very quick, just I need every page to double click to "zoom in" becuse the font is VERY small.
As I use touch screen phones, it's important t be able to click on the correct line, already once I deleted one task by mistake.
So I suggest a bigger font, or a font adjustable on the screen size or customizable by user.

Posted at 7:42pm on December 12, 2011

choakchaih Pro says:

I need RTM to be able to adjust FONT SIZE on Andriod version, especially in the WIDGET. I have a low vision (eye-impaired).

HELP ME. PLEASE, BOB! Today, I use a CAPITAL letter + magnify function.

This is a common setting on Andriod to set a Font Size BIGGER or smaller!

Posted 4 months ago

gellenbogen Pro says:

I need a BIGGER font size when I PRINT the list

Posted 14 weeks ago

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