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Ability to delete tasks

bluesgeek says:
That's it. And it seems like a fairly simple feature to implement. I want to be able to delete a task from the mobile web interface. If I am traveling without my computer for a few days, I have no way of deleting tasks. How about a a delete button right there with the postpone and complete buttons please?
Posted at 2:14am on March 13, 2009
krissy says:
Thanks for your suggestion bluesgeek.
Posted 12 years ago
bluesgeek says:
Thanks for considering!
Posted 12 years ago
bluesgeek says:
Krissy, in the "This Week" I think we also would benefit from a "back to this week" link from any of the day pages. Also, we could have a "back to day" link from pages of tasks past the first page. Currently, the first page of tasks has a back to this week, but for example tomorrow/2 doesn't, and doesn't have a "back to day" link. So we have an extra page to or two to load, which in a mobile environment is significant. I don't want to have to go the the top menu and drill down again. I want to be able to return the next level up, or to the next two levels up.
Posted 12 years ago
aaron.boydston says:
Posted 1 year ago
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