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Inherit task properties when adding to Smart Lists

whibs says:
When it comes to creating new tasks in Smart Lists on the main RTM site, the inheritance feature for tags and locations is a real labour-saver!

Please could we have the same feature for the mobile site?

As things are at the moment, adding tasks via mobile is kinda frustrating with having to set tags and locations for each and every new task, unlike when I use the main site. Having inheritance would greatly speed up mobile task entry for me.

Also, I know many people have asked this before and I thought I would also chip in and request that when setting tasks as complete on the mobile site, we are navigated straight back to the list (not the task details page with 'task completed' at the top).

Keep up the great work - RTM is killer!
Posted at 4:18pm on July 16, 2007
whibs says:
I note that inheritance works as expected when looking at tasks by list, tag or location but not at all for Smart Lists.

To have inheritance for the unambiguous blend of all three attributes mentioned above would be just peachy!
Posted 13 years ago
wohler says:
If I have a smart list, say tag:call, and create a new task, it inherits the "call" tag. If the smart list is modified to say,'tag:call dueWithin:"two weeks of today"', new tasks still inherit the "call" tag. So far, so good.

Now modify the list criteria to 'tag:call not dueAfter:"two weeks of today"', new tasks do *not* inherit the "call" tag. They should!

Brendan points out that the "not dueAfter" introduces an ambiguity. Just because the date is ambiguous doesn't mean that all properties can't be inherited. Given the example above, only the due date is ambiguous. The tag will always be "call" and can be applied to new tasks as whibs mentioned over three years ago!

This problem applies to most of my lists since the use of "not dueAfter" or "or dueBefore" are excellent, and likely common, ways of limiting the visibility of tasks to those that are due soon. As a result, I need to add two or three tags to every task I add instead of zero. And if I forget, I need to go searching in Inbox for it.
Posted 9 years ago
jhollington says:
I agree with this one completely. The logic for Smart List inheritance needs to be improved dramatically such that each of the "default" criteria is analyzed separately.

I have numerous Smart Lists that use variations on due dates in much the same way, as well as variations in priorities (since there's no "greater than" or "less than" construct for these, I'm forced to do something like "priority:n OR priority:3"). In every case, these Smart Lists are consistent in the lists and tags they select, but the additional priority and due criteria means that none of them work for inheritance, making the feature entirely useless to me.

In a couple of cases I ended up creating additional Smart Lists exclusively for the purpose of adding tasks, but that quickly became unwieldy as I began to duplicate just about *every* Smart List I had.
Posted 8 years ago
mbowes80 says:
This is much needed ... works perfectly in the web app, but not in the Android app. Makes smart lists much less useful.
Posted 4 years ago
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