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Show more than 10 tasks on a page

gormac says:
I'd like the mobile web version of RTM ( to list more than 10 items on a page.

I use the mobile web version of RTM on my Windows Mobile device when not behind a computer, because I don't find the Windows Mobile tasks (using MilkSync) very usable. Now when I am sent (;-)) grocery shopping my list of items on my shopping list might be as long as 20-40 items. I'd like all of these items to be on one page so I can scroll the entire list without having to load pages constantly. Thanks.
Posted at 9:45am on January 8, 2010
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You could use the print link instead and open that on you mobile. It shows all task in a particular list (regular or smart).

However, the list is "dead", you can't tick items off as they are put in your shopping basket.
Posted 11 years ago
gormac says:
Thanks for this very acceptable workaround.

I guess now my request has changed to include print links to the mobile web version of RTM! ;-)
Posted 11 years ago
lexxd says:
Thanks rajjan =))))))))
Posted 8 years ago
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