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Ability to add lists

quilnmous says:
I do not have a smartphone yet, and I'm trying to be a stubborn holdout. But I do have a phone with mobile web access.

In the full web application version, the functionality to "Add a list" is under Settings on the List tab. But in the mobile web app version, there are no tab equivalents under Settings, so it just offers the "Info" tab options.

So there is virtually no way to add lists from the mobile web app. (From what I am reading in the Forum, apparently the iPhone app and I'm sure other smartphone app versions have some method to Add Lists.)

"Kill 2 birds with 1 stone" approach: It would be nice to be able to Add Lists (via a link) from the Tasks view, and eliminate the extra step of going into Settings to do so. (There was a previous Topic requesting this, but at this point, that Topic is closed now.) If you do create this "Add List" link, and add this link to the Task View of the mobile web app version, that should resolve the request in this Topic as well as the closed one.

I think it would be nice to be able to add lists on the go. I am one of the users who use Lists as a method to group tasks under a project. (Having Sub-tasks might eliminate the need for me to use Lists in this manner, but that of course is a whole different topic.)
Posted at 9:31am on January 17, 2010
jacob.l says:
Use "A bit better rtm" and you will be able to add a smart list by just pressing "q".
Posted 6 years ago
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