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Shortcuts for 'more', 'back to today', and 'back to menu'

centeruniverse says:
The first screen I get to when browsing on my mobile phone is awesome - it took me about two minutes to memorize the number shortcuts for all the navigation I'll ever use.

Once I navigate away from that page, though, the number shortcuts disappear, and I have to scroll the page just to click "more" or "back to today" or "back to menu" - why don't these have number shortcuts as well? Especially when completing a task doesn't return me to the list, but instead dumps me on the completed task - isn't the more common scenario that I honestly completed it and want to return to the main list than that I've made a mistake and want to do anything to the completed task? I'd be about three times faster going through my todo list if I could just click 7 to get back to the list, for example.

Bonus points for always having the same shortcut for "back to the list I was originally on" and "back to the main menu" so I don't have to remember context. Triple points for adding "Add New Task" as a link/shortcut to every page.
Posted at 9:17am on September 21, 2008
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