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Ability to merge tasks

tom.nijns says:
In addition to nesting tasks, combining existing tasks might be usefull to.

Sometimes I get multiple mails about the same problem or issue. I create a task for each of them to keep track of whom I need to inform. Combining these tasks into one task would make things clearer.

Off course this implies to show a list of mails instead of one mail when clicking on the mail-icon in the gmail-addon or another solution to make this userfriendly.
Posted at 9:46am on March 3, 2009
(closed account) says:
oh, this is a good idea!
Posted 9 years ago
kiraldo2 says:
Yes! Is this possible now?
Posted 7 years ago
jdownie says:
This would be handy. Would it just combine the note collection and append a new note detailing the header information of the two tasks that were merged? Which task would become the new task's header information?
Posted 6 years ago
pillingm says:
I've been trying to find if there is a way to make tasks dependent on each other in RTM. e.g. A->B means you must finish task A to do task B.

If that is possible, I'd just make all the multiple tasks prerequisites for the completion task for this set.
Posted 5 years ago
lawrence.mitchell says:
Can you merge tasks now?
Posted 2 years ago
debuck3 says:
Another use case for being able to merge tasks: I had one task start out as a manually added task and then created a task with an Evernote reminder along the same topic. I want the Evernote link, plus the notes from the original task. Couldn't merge them, so I just copied the notes from one task to the one linked with Evernote. That was tedious but did the trick. A merge tasks option would be brilliant!
Posted 1 year ago
hickssound says:
It would be cool to merge tasks. Perhaps one task evolves and actually aligns with another task, but both tasks have multiple notes, subtasks, etc. Instead of re-entering them all, it would be cool to be able to merge one task into the other, and choose to keep all notes, some notes, sub-tasks, etc. so you don't loose the details
Posted 1 year ago
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