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Add a 'percentage complete' field for tasks

Started by giles.cameron Web app12 comments

Apple iCal to-do sync

Started by tyee77 New integrations191 comments

Option to only show location-based alerts when tasks are due at that location on that particular day

Started by fnbmbm Android app24 comments

Show nearby tasks on a Google Map

Started by nohant iPhone app0 comments

Zapier integration

Started by its_erika New integrations21 comments

Webhooks, so we can add our own functionality

Started by howthebodyworks General15 comments

New repeat option: every month on the [interval] last business day (e.g. 'every month on the 2nd last business day')

Started by jeffnoone Web app6 comments

Support for notes

Started by john.schauer Gmail add-on7 comments

Widget that shows tasks based on your current location

Started by kingfuu Android app3 comments

Option to keep notification "persistent"

Started by jheydasch Android app7 comments

Better system for backing up tasks

Started by jslater316 General3 comments

Complete tasks from the widget

Started by meggerud Android app4 comments

Add notes from e-mail to an existing task

Started by claudio.lillo.contreras Email3 comments

Quick complete via checkboxes

Started by oleolo Mobile version7 comments

Add 'with' as a keyword when connecting tasks with contacts

Started by tbuman Gmail add-on0 comments

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by cevisker Google Calendar4 comments

Ability to see a recent action history, and optionally 'undo' actions

Started by johnfoland Web app1 comment

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by jthomerson Android app11 comments

Ability to set default task properties per list

Started by wbarthol Web app3 comments

Google Contacts integration

Started by justin.constant New integrations5 comments