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Add a 'percentage complete' field for tasks

giles.cameron says:
It would be nice for a way to show how much the task is done, my friend is using RTM to start proding me into working on his site I made for him, so I'd like a way to proove I am getting -something- done. :P

Sorry if I start spamming this forum, my brain is a little -too- creative sometimes. :P
Posted at 7:18pm on October 26, 2006
ranbarton Power Poster says:
One workaround that occurs to me is to use the time estimate field for this. You could then search on it (e.g., >25, or <90, or the like). Not quite as useful as what you are after, but it might do the trick.
Posted 14 years ago
giles.cameron says:
Ah, I started filling in the 'Time Estimate' thing as like '1 or 2 days' for one task I need to do.

In the mean time, I'll just spam the notes. :)
Posted 14 years ago
ramiak says:
I don't really care for a fully percent done option. At least I would like a checkbox that tells me I already started working on this. An "item in progress" checkbox.
Posted 14 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Again, I think a tag like "inprogress" would take care of this pretty well.
Posted 14 years ago
ramiak says:
thanks - I'll try it, although then we run into the problem that tags are not automatically displayed unless you search for them! :(
Posted 14 years ago
conrado.martinez.parra says:
It would be great to have some "percentage done" indicator. I think that's more intuitive
(and often more convenient) than the "time estimate".
Posted 9 years ago
gforshey says:
I'd love an "in progress" status! I may have finished my part of a project but am waiting for others to finish before the final deadline- it would be nice if the status could reflect that.
Posted 9 years ago
pcnrd8 says:
I think it'd be great to have a feature that allows for the following:

1. User defined expected time to complete
2. Editable amount completed to show progress
3. Capability to add a note to each progress change. (I fixed this bug. I was able to add this feature. etc)
4. Alert system to yourself or someone else (e-mail/text) displaying how much was complete, and what was completed (show the notes if applicable).

Visually I'm seeing a horizontal bar graph where 0 - 40% is red, 41 - 50% is orange, 51 - 60% is yellow and 61 - 100% is green, indicating amount complete.

Just a thought. :)
Posted 9 years ago
ciaran.finnegan3 says:
Users should not need to think about percentages - the tool should do the work for us.

I'm thinking of the iPhone/iPod Touch app (which I use pretty much exclusively now) when I talk about the following idea:

What if users could create two types of lists: regular lists and projects. They could both exist in the same lists view, but projects have percentage bars. And the percentage is based on the completed Tasks within a project.

This way users avoid psychological games and vague guesstimation - "What percentage is complete? I dunno, 55%, 70%? Em?"

How powerful would this feature be! You could scan your lists and get a real overview of what projects need attention. And think about the motivation and satisfaction involved in completing tasks and tracking progress in this way.

Anyway, this is my dream RTM.

Posted 9 years ago
drgray1906 says:
just a simple "in progress" indicator would be perfect, maybe a little dot where the check mark is like franklin covey does it... that would be great, other than that best "to-do" / task list app out there!
Posted 9 years ago
jczarniak says:
Any chance to see that feature in the near future ?
Posted 9 years ago
lordjadencorr says:
I'd love an "in progress" status!
Posted 3 years ago
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