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Display the name of the user who completed a shared task

ritaly says:
When a shared task is closed out the system does not track who closed the task. This makes RTM not suitable for many groupware uses where some accountability might be essential. Please add a field to tasks that says something like

Closed By:
Posted at 9:45pm on June 15, 2008
vidar.slatten says:
I second this! I tried using tags, but that does not work for reoccurring tasks that can be completed by different people each time.

Combined with the estimated time of a task, this could be expanded so that one could look up how much time person A has spent doing household chores, for example.
Posted 11 years ago
zenistar says:
The name of the person closing a task is a key feature that should be implemented with sharing - I'm trying to use RTM in a small team scenario and it works fantastically well apart from not being able to see which member of the team completed a task.
Posted 5 years ago
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