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Zapier integration

its_erika says:
I love Remember the Milk. I also love a lot of other online services to run my business. One thing that frustrates me is that I end up keeping redundant to do lists. For instance, I have a to do list on Capsule CRM on when to contact potential clients, I have a to do list on Basecamp where I run projects with clients. Right now there is no way to connect these. However the service Zapier would let me create to do items in Remember the Milk when I used these other services. It would make Remember the Milk infinitely more useful. I understand that you have a commercial API and that Zapier has already submitted a form to use that and at this point, you just need to approve that. Please do that!
Posted at 6:19pm on March 4, 2013
brookwarner says:
This would totally rock! Please do it guys?
Posted 4 years ago
furet says:
Posted 4 years ago
poma says:
I'd like to see it too
Posted 4 years ago
aforementionedthoughts says:
Posted 4 years ago
willsnell says:
Posted 4 years ago
dspapps says:
Posted 4 years ago
kjpoalses says:
Posted 4 years ago
jordan.isa says:
Posted 4 years ago
jason.lemieux says:
This would open up so many doors in one fell swoop. Please please please?

What would I do with it? Off the top of my head....
Finally sync tasks with gcal and have a combined meetings/todo view of my day!
Add todos via IM.
Sync task list with todo lists in basecamp
OMG you could make Mailbox (iphone) emails be added to RTM via gmail labels
More due task notices such as phonecalls for when you are offline

Posted 4 years ago
nishant.kapoor says:
yes please!
Posted 4 years ago
wh00seyerdaddy says:
would love zapier and rtm integration. please
Posted 3 years ago
itwastrees says:
Zapier or IFTTT integration would be great. They already integrate with a bunch of other to-do apps, and I'd bet you're losing business to them. This seems like a no-brainer, since all you have to do is let them use the API that already exists.
Posted 2 years ago
calexo says:
I really need it !
RTM lacks of integration to do complex things (Pebble, Zappier/IFTTT, Android Tasker/Locale, ...)
Posted 2 years ago
tedepstein says:

Would love to see Zapier integration.
Posted 2 years ago
kelly.culbertson says:
deciding to go pro or switch, as I love RTM but once daily mobile syncing [it's actually much more laggy in my experience], no subtasks, and no way to test pro voice add capabilities w/o subscription are problematic
Posted 2 years ago
ray101 says:
I'm also thinking about switching. Love RTM but It's just too much hassle having to add tasks manually from Podio to RTM and vice versa. RTM make the ntegration with Zapier possible or you'll lose customers
Posted 2 years ago
jaetask says:
Is there any movement on this? I would love this feature
Posted 2 years ago
gustavopayan says:
I would love to have a response on this one. Before recommitting for a new year to RTM.
Posted 2 years ago
jchirschy says:
Posted 1 year ago
docdss says:
Posted 20 days ago
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