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Rules that act on events (e.g. on adding a task, if the tag is 'work', make the location 'work')

nmvanvliet says:
I love RTM and especially the Android app is terrific.

One thing I could use is rules applied to my tasks. An example rule could be:

On adding task
if 'tag:work'

Or to enable tag aliasses,

on adding tag
if 'tag:ps'
remove tag 'ps'

Another could be
on postponing task
if postponed>2

Possibilities would be endless. It would greatly streamline much of the things I do with RTM. The implementation could start simple with events just happening on adding and editing of a task.

Posted at 4:45pm on October 15, 2009
sirikan says:
That would be really cool.

Also would be nice if you could have a rule that if a task in a list gets completed it will add a tag to the next task (ie. next action).

That way I could have a project automatically populate its tasks as you do them :).
Posted 11 years ago
markus.dreyer says:
+1 I just searched for "rules" here in the forum because I think it's an important feature.

Example rules that should apply when I add a task:

* if task name contains 'mom' then tag as 'family'
* if it has tag "staff-meeting" then also tag as 'work'
* if it has tag "vacation" then also tag as 'personal'

Such rules are very useful and I use them all the time in Gmail. There, most stuff gets filtered and tagged automatically, and it would be great if that were possible in RTM too.
Posted 11 years ago
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