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Option to keep notification "persistent"

jheydasch says:
I could be alone here but just because I want to clear other notifications in the notification panel (i.e., successful app updates or email notifications, etc.) doesn't mean I want to dismiss my RTM tasks that are currently due.

Can we have the *option* to keep that RTM notification "persistent?"
Posted at 6:44pm on September 24, 2010
fansoftech says:
+1 Definitely.

This was the one major shortcoming I saw vs. Astrid on Android. Plus, Astrid showed each due task as a different item in the notification panel. (I could live without that though.)
Posted 10 years ago
redders6600 says:
I understand that everyone uses their phone differently, but aren't the widgets a pretty good way to display tasks in a persistent manner?

My personal opinion (as an android developer) is that the notification bar should be for notifications that are generally transient. The only exception (again in my opinion) are ongoing processes that are using my battery up!

This being said, I'm always for more options :P
Posted 10 years ago
jheydasch says:
@redders6600: good point. However, I like to be able to see those tasks from wherever I'm at on my phone. So, if I'm in the middle of an app and want to get to those tasks, I'd have to go to the home screen and then slide to get to my RTM widget... and then open it up if it isn't one of the first few.

A hop, skip and a jump instead of just a jump.

I totally see your point though from a developer's perspective.
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
I think so. Sometimes I missed alarm because it was too short and low or I was too busy. I hope RTM works like an alarm.
Posted 9 years ago
brunofontes says:
Sometimes I need to be remembered to do a task when I am at lunch time, but everyday I have a different lunch time, depending on what I am doing.

In most cases, the notification appears when I am still working and after it be cleared, I forget to look on widget or on RTM program to verify if there is anything to do on lunch. It would be very nice to have an option to make the notifications permanent until it's done!
Posted 8 years ago
matthew.bassett says:
This is fine if you only have a few reminders, but typically I get reminded of 6-15 tasks that I need to do today... this completely fills my notification bar with many RTM reminders, which is not so helpful.

I think a better idea would be to 'snooze' the reminders (for an hour?) if they are dismissed without being completed.
Posted 8 years ago
rashley03 says:
Voted for persistent notifications OR the option to restore notifications after dismissal.
Posted 8 years ago
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