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Customize which task properties are shown in the task list

bbeetle says:
I like that I can see tags on the list, but it is annoying that I cannot, instead choose to see the location, or listname, or duration, in the list.

It may seem odd at first to display the list name in the actual list (like it shows tags currently)

But I have many lists -- and I have a bunch of smart lists, like "today" - "tomorrow" - "overdue" -- "next 7 days" - and "next sunday"

I add thngs to different lists, and give them a due date based on when I want it to show up in my smart lists. -- But when I am looking at a smart list for "today" or "overdue" -- I want to be able to quickly see what list each task is from.

For now, I get around it, by giving everything on a list, the same tag -- but it is annoying, and very inefficient, to have to set a tag and move it to a list.
Posted at 7:47pm on October 7, 2008
bbeetle says:
Oh yea -- and it would also be great to then be able to sort smart lists, by what 'dumb' list different tasks came from.

In general, IMHO there needs to be a LOT more sorting options
Posted 12 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Hear, hear.

Customizable, per-list, multi-variate sorting.

Posted 12 years ago
m0urs says:
I would like to see the start date of a task in a list, similar to the due date.
Posted 4 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree with m0urs. I'd like to have start date of a task in a list too.
Posted 3 years ago
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