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Add Folders to group multiple lists

nickgio says:
I want to be able to add multiple lists to a Folder.

I use RTM for Work & Home, so while tags are helpful in organizing certain things, I would like the option to group multiple lists into a 'folder' for a particular group.

I.e., my work Folder would include 'To-Do', 'Ideas', etc.

Either that, or a quick switcher where I could integrate multiple accounts into one Mac app.
Posted at 4:18pm on July 1, 2016
jitsunet says:

It would be great to be able to organize Lists, Smart Lists, Tags, and Locations in a manner similar to a hierarchical tree-style list: with separators and collapsible folders.
Posted 1 year ago
mdewright says:
Yes, agreed! I also use mine for work and home, and it would be nice to be able to keep my home folders hidden and together when I'm at work and vice-versa.
Posted 1 year ago
ramane.altair says:
upvote this! folder to grup list just like wunderlist.
Posted 8 months ago
inky1216 says:
Please please please add this! I'm looking for something to replace Wunderlist before it disappears and this is the only thing holding me back on this app. I have a LOT of lists and need a better way to group them. For instance, I have a few different packing lists depending on where I'm traveling. I would like to be able to have these together and not just mixed in with everything else. If I add the tag "travel" to all the items, I just get "toothbrush" showing up 6 times.
Posted 7 months ago
christopher.wagner.235 says:
I could not agree more. It would be tremendously useful to have folders and even possibly sub-folders. I have a varity of areas of responsibility at work. It would be great to have a folder for each of these areas with tasks, and then (where needed) sub-tasks that would correspond to single action lists.
Posted 5 weeks ago
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