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webOS app

Started by i_dave New apps263 comments

Always show the tag cloud (currently disappears when you mouseover a task in the list)

Started by matthew.mahoney Web app4 comments

MindMeister integration

Started by leo.knight New integrations10 comments

Ability to update an existing location (change the location)

Started by annevoss iPhone app3 commentsAnswered

Support for virtual locations (e.g. 'office', 'kitchen')

Started by tandoor Web app11 comments

Keyboard shortcut to invert your selection

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Moneybookers for purchasing Pro accounts

Started by damirk General0 comments

Ability to add a location using a map

Started by kmninbox iPhone app2 comments

Keyboard shortcut support for different languages and keyboards

Started by yurimalinov Web app4 comments

Show the tag cloud

Started by pkhristolubov Mobile version1 comment

Milksync and Windows Mobile - can we please have reminders on phone tasks based on due dates in RTM

Started by bclementziza MilkSync for Windows Mobile8 comments

Google Checkout for purchasing Pro accounts

Started by davidpaquet General3 commentsAnswered

Ability to set a due date for a particular tag

Started by stagger82 Web app0 comments

Show list name in list view

Started by ramercer Gmail add-on0 comments

'Nearby Locations' list that shows the locations nearby, and how many tasks are incomplete at each

Started by jhollington iPhone app0 comments

Option to have the task name as the email subject (one task per reminder email)

Started by dougal.phillips Reminders22 comments

Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

Started by kendel iPhone app15 comments

Lotus Notes integration

Started by mvillier New integrations2 comments

Ability to select multiple lists to display using a combo-box

Started by nathan.jamin Gmail gadget3 comments

Ability to add multiple tags when using auto-complete in the tags field (currently when you select one tag, it moves to the next field)

Started by shecasx Web app1 comment