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Add search box

Started by lgmb_0t1 Gmail gadget0 comments

Support for different Gmail themes

Started by subatomiq Gmail add-on2 comments

RSS feeds for individual forum topics

Started by jef General2 comments

Ability to merge tasks

Started by tom.nijns Web app7 comments

Moleskine printing option

Started by we.kanes Web app0 comments

Add 'currentDay' to search operators

Started by andy.raffle Web app3 comments

Support more positive words instead of 'never' for tasks without a due date (e.g. 'anytime, 'someday', etc)

Started by bjbernard Web app2 comments

Ability to duplicate tasks

Started by manning999 iPhone app6 comments

Support for 'half an hour' in the time estimate field

Started by ramak Web app1 comment

Multiple list view (ala Gmail multiple inbox view)

Started by we.kanes Web app5 comments

Print selected tasks

Started by joanne.lawrence Web app1 comment

Import/export list settings, including Smart Lists

Started by we.kanes Web app0 comments

Support for OpenStreetMap maps

Started by evgeniysmoley Web app5 comments

Google Quick Search Box integration

Started by bramhubbell New integrations27 comments

Support for searching in the radius of a location (e.g. tasks within 3 miles of Home Depot)

Started by davidscottweaver Web app0 comments

Show a URL icon when a task has a URL

Started by ndurant Web app9 comments

New due date format: ASAP

Started by davidmhunter Web app4 comments

New repeat option: after [number] days/weeks/months in [month names] (e.g. 'after 2 weeks in june, july, august')

Started by davidscottweaver Web app2 comments

Calendar picker for due dates

Started by fernando.martin iGoogle gadget2 comments

Customize the number of hours in a work day, so the total time estimate can show number of working days

Started by Web app1 comment