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Show task names on multiple lines in list view

Started by rozwild Gmail add-on1 comment

Ability to set a default priority for a particular tag

Started by runner98765 Web app1 comment

Developer extensions (without Greasemonkey)

Started by aristidb General0 comments

iCalendar (Events) feed for completed tasks

Started by ddosen Web app8 comments

My Yahoo! app

Started by douglascaixeta New integrations1 comment

Add tasks by mentioning @rtm (alternative to direct message)

Started by kaypearl Twitter0 comments

Ability to add to Smart Lists

Started by david.howes Bookmarklet0 comments

Support for Smart Add

Started by tomchance Bookmarklet8 comments

Customize the duration of events in the iCalendar (Events) feed

Started by (closed account) Web app1 comment

Chrome OS integration

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments

Add a visual cue to show properties not yet entered in the Smart Add bar

Started by rashley03 Web app3 comments

Include list in the category field in the iCalendar feed

Started by manopapad Web app1 comment

Ability to hide lists

Started by masei Android app4 comments

TripIt integration

Started by joe.foss New integrations4 comments

Smart Add from the Safari search box

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments

Spotlight search support

Started by schiegl iPhone app4 commentsAnswered

Contacts integration

Started by apbwolf iPhone app19 comments

Support yes/no as well as true/false in binary searches (e.g. accept isRepeating:yes as well as isRepeating:true)

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

ReQall integration

Started by lynchstephenp New integrations1 comment

Support Smart Add characters as keyboard shortcuts

Started by dfm Web app2 comments