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Lotus Notes integration

Started by mvillier New integrations2 comments

Ability to select multiple lists to display using a combo-box

Started by nathan.jamin Gmail gadget3 comments

Ability to add multiple tags when using auto-complete in the tags field (currently when you select one tag, it moves to the next field)

Started by shecasx Web app1 comment

Drag and drop to reorder tasks

Started by braden iPhone app3 comments

Ability to quickly switch lists

Started by remcomike Gmail gadget2 comments

Ability to add tags on the Settings screen

Started by jennifer.byrne Web app0 comments

Support entering time estimates as .25 for 15 minutes

Started by jennifer.byrne Web app0 comments

Popup that confirms you want to leave an unsaved note (ala Gmail)

Started by jef Web app0 comments

Show task cloud

Started by karsten.seiferlin iPhone app0 comments

Support for keyboard shortcuts

Started by red197 Gmail add-on0 comments

Ability to link several emails to one task

Started by karl740106 Gmail add-on1 comment

Option to automatically delete tasks after completion

Started by msurtees Web app2 comments

Add tags to tasks by favorite or most used

Started by ralfvd iPhone app0 comments

Google Toolbar button

Started by jennifer.munson New integrations4 comments

Hierarchical tags

Started by luken Web app3 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by shahineo iPhone app9 comments

Customize the order of lists and Smart Lists

Started by mkaub iPhone app9 comments

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by starlyth Gmail gadget7 comments

Customize the height of the gadget

Started by ryanyo88 Gmail gadget3 comments

CalDAV support (iCalendar sync)

Started by gferreroferri New integrations129 comments