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Firefox add-on for managing tasks

Started by carib New integrations4 comments

Command line interface

Started by scott.nesbitt New integrations13 comments

Different reminder methods for daily versus due time reminders

Started by lethalrocks Reminders4 comments

Basecamp integration

Started by awsamuel New integrations145 comments

Sort by priority

Started by gene.albert iGoogle gadget0 comments

Ability to restore tasks data to a recent version (e.g. to recover from a bad sync or accidental deletion)

Started by wcitypoe Web app6 comments

Adobe Air app

Started by bardic.knowledge New apps27 comments

Ability to lock the number of times you're allowed to postpone a task

Started by wcitypoe Web app6 comments

Support for wildcards in searches

Started by johnfoland Web app33 comments

Include links to 'complete' tasks in the reminder email

Started by jtgott Reminders1 comment

Ability to independently rename shared tasks

Started by cheeseslope Web app1 comment

Quick complete via checkboxes

Started by oleolo Mobile version7 comments

Support for case sensitive searches

Started by bzpilman Web app1 comment

Show a notes icon when a task has notes

Started by jamezzz iGoogle gadget5 comments

Sort by random order

Started by trustin Web app2 comments

Ability to quickly switch lists

Started by ranbarton iGoogle gadget5 comments

Ability to see a recent action history, and optionally 'undo' actions

Started by johnfoland Web app1 comment

Ability to print multiple lists at one time

Started by jjeudymd Web app4 comments

Ability to complete tasks in one click

Started by didaio Web app7 comments

Option to search both the forums and blog

Started by angela.randall General6 comments