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New repeat option: every month on the [interval] last business day (e.g. 'every month on the 2nd last business day')

Started by jeffnoone Web app6 comments

Ability to add/rename tags from the Tasks screen

Started by rcuebas Web app0 comments

Ability to set default tags per list

Started by owen.peery Web app5 comments

Show the tasks pane when viewing a message in Gmail (instead of ads)

Started by jawn Gmail add-on1 comment

Add a Canvas view

Started by kmich iGoogle gadget4 comments

Shortcuts for 'more', 'back to today', and 'back to menu'

Started by centeruniverse Mobile version0 comments

Ability to complete tasks from the Overview screen

Started by pattygolsteijn Web app18 comments

New repeat option: after [number] days/weeks/months until [date] (e.g. 'after 1 day until november 3')

Started by radmoose Web app0 comments

Connect tasks with events from calendars you don't own (e.g. 'US Holidays' public calendar)

Started by jghammar Gmail add-on2 comments

Show the pop-up if you click on the task (not just mouseover it)

Started by andrewski Gmail add-on0 comments

Ability to set tasks as due during time periods (e.g. 'AM' or 'PM' tasks)

Started by glweaver Web app1 comment

Add an 'x' to clear the search box

Started by chachikruel Web app0 comments

Ability to postpone to the next working day

Started by margus.laak Web app8 comments

Email notification when a new forum reply is posted

Started by kcin General0 comments

Mozilla Ubiquity integration

Started by troy.thompson New integrations9 comments

Allow reserved punctuation characters in tag names

Started by jplemme Web app1 comment

Invite Gmail contacts to join Remember The Milk

Started by kennyeni Web app0 comments

Add tasks to the currently viewed list (not the default list)

Started by ianmlewis iGoogle gadget0 comments

Ability to tweet added/completed task names

Started by karamonroe Twitter0 comments

Setting for first day of a week

Started by itainathaniel Gmail add-on1 comment