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Add a 'waiting' status for tasks

Started by joheine Web app8 comments

Show locations in a different color in the task cloud

Started by echarles Web app2 comments

Support a -begin- tag (similar to -end- tag)

Started by evvjvp Email2 comments

Add tasks by IM

Started by michaelaston New integrations2 comments

Customize when your day begins/ends (e.g. night owls might want their 'Today' list to show tasks due up to 2am, not midnight)

Started by michael.vastola Web app10 comments

In Smart Add, when an auto-complete item is selected and you press 'tab', keep the cursor in the field

Started by wcitypoe Web app2 comments

When selecting tags, show as an indexed list (i.e. an alphabet allows you to jump to tags starting with each letter)

Started by ovanrijswijk iPhone app3 comments

Add 'completedBy' to search operators (e.g. 'completedBy:user')

Started by bunchbob Web app0 comments

In addition to Complete and Postpone, a 'Follow Up' option (marks a task complete and creates a new task to follow up at a future date)

Started by chris.mendoza Web app3 comments

Ability to convert a tag into a list

Started by mariano.benitez Web app1 comment

Can we have PPC version updated?

Started by venne.tong MilkSync for Windows Mobile0 comments

Show tasks due in a monthly calendar view

Started by jsantiago iPhone app1 comment

RSS feed of recent modifications to tasks

Started by jfiat Web app0 comments

Collapse long notes

Started by 7sl Web app1 comment

Link to a contact's published lists from the Contacts screen

Started by jfiat Web app1 comment

Drag and drop tasks on a calendar interface to change due dates

Started by pbeens Web app7 comments

Support for Wii Console reminders

Started by christopher.c.parker Reminders1 comment

Ability to delete tasks

Started by apgordon Gmail gadget7 comments

Ability to specify own SMS gateway

Started by dsheardown Reminders0 comments

Auto-complete task name when adding a new task, e.g. if I type 'p', show previous task names 'Plan Trip' and 'Pay Utilities'

Started by conorporter iPhone app0 comments