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Shortcuts on the home screen (not widgets that act as shortcuts)

arwild01 says:
IMHO, this item ( shouldn't have been closed.

While the Badge functionality in version 2.0 gives a quick way to get to a specific list.... doing so via Widgets is not the same thing as doing it with shortcuts in android.

Widgets remain in memory and our more resource intensive then shortcuts are.

Both types of functionality are desireable.
Posted at 2:24pm on October 17, 2011
(closed account) says:
I would like the ability to interface with remember the milk with shortcuts. For the record. Widget != shortcut. widgets cannot be put into folders, or dock buttons. AND they can't be operated by other applications. A shortcut for adding tasks could be added to a lock slider. saving time, and making it easier to collect all of the thoughts that I produce. Things I would like ability to access: --open directly to a list/tag/location (the latter 2 could just be accomplished by smart lists) --add a task --add a task directly to a specific list or smart list. --voice add a task --voice add a task directly to a specific list (truthfully more useful than the former) looking at the sdk, it seems that this wouldn't be a terribly difficult thing to implement. could easily be coded and perfected in a weekend
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
by the way sorry for the poor formatting, I was posting from a phone and it did not keep the formatting as I expected. I think you can still get the gist of it.
Posted 11 years ago
sysax says:
waiting for it a lot
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
this seems like such an easy thing to implement, they could even just make the intents accessible externally, and then developers could do it themselves....
Posted 11 years ago
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