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Ability to manually set and use current location in the web app

kaopua says:
I really value the ability to use location as a context and criteria for filtering or bubbling up tasks. For example, I have set up smart lists so that if I have a task with no due date per se, but assigned to a location in close proximity, it will push it to the front. Works great on the mobile app. But at work I use RTM on my desktop computer. And if one of my tasks in RTM is to deposit checks at the bank, being the bank is next door it would be great if it would pop up to remind me. I understand that the web app can't automatically determine my exact location and that my desktop does not have a GPS in it, but if I could simply manually set my current location for that session, then I could use it as a filtering criteria and get the same behavior I have on my mobile.

To take it to another level, being I have both a computer at work, and a laptop at home, if the web app could remember what I set for that specific computer or browser session (e.g. cookies?), every time I log in from that computer it could default to that location last set.
Posted at 1:39am on October 21, 2011
chris.calo says:
There's no need to do this manually. Modern browsers have Geo location APIs.
Posted 6 years ago
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