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Unique priority

ward.bergmans says:
Problem: I’ve got many tasks. Every time I have to select a new task, I’ve got to look through my whole task list to decide what to do next. This takes too much time.

Solution: I want to be able to give every task a unique priority. That way I can sort my tasks at a certain time, and for the rest of the time I know which task has the highest priority (so I don’t have to read through all my tasks any more to figure out what to do next)

I’ve got more detailed ideas about unique priority functionality, but (as an Agilist) I would first like to know if there’s gonna be a reasonable chance that this functionality is gonna be implemented, before I spend my time writing detailed specifications.

So please vote if you want unique prioritisation!
Posted at 1:47pm on December 7, 2011
ward.bergmans says:
Of course I don't want the current priority functionality to disappear! So maybe we should call it:
- unique importance
- unique sort number
- ...

What are your suggestions for a good name?
Posted 5 years ago
sn3akyp3t3 says:
I suggest those interested in this feature see my request for implementing a "value" attribute to items on a list.
Posted 5 years ago
ward.bergmans says:
I think there is a typo in your url, if I go to, then I'm redirected to
Posted 5 years ago
ward.bergmans says:
If you don't like the idea, can you please tell me why?
Voting "I don't like it" without providing any feedback is hard to discuss ;-)

In an attempt to defend my idea (without knowing why people vote against it):
The idea won't change anything else of Remember The Milk. You don't have to use it... ...and just keep on using Remember The Milk exactly as you do now. :-)
Posted 5 years ago
metaed says:
I personally map the urgent/important matrix to priority:
- Urgent/Important to P1
- Important to P2
- Urgent (interruption) to P3
- distraction to no priority
Within a priority it would be very useful to reorder the individual items as proposed by ward.bergmans. Perhaps by dragging them into position and having "my order" be an additional sort option.
Posted 5 years ago
sn3akyp3t3 says:
I guess my link must be custom for my account maybe... unsure. Search the forum then for my idea that adds a similar, but not interfering request for implementing a "value" attribute to items on a list.

To find it search the forum for:
Ability to assign value to item on list and also ability to sum all values of items on that list
Posted 5 years ago
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