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Use your current location to show nearby tasks

Started by danep Web app4 comments

Sort by tag

Started by andreas.warberg Gmail add-on4 comments

Quick add from the desktop

Started by morisimo New integrations6 comments

Option to include tasks due tomorrow in the reminder email

Started by mbmccormick Reminders1 comment

Print all tasks, grouped by list

Started by cfbrock Web app20 comments

Project templates, i.e. sets of tasks for repeatable projects

Started by markwilliams Web app7 comments

Ability to link contacts and tasks

Started by sweens Web app2 comments

Google Docs integration

Started by pertussini New integrations0 comments

New repeat option: every end of month -[number] days (e.g. 'every end of month -2 days', for a repeat relative to the end of the month)

Started by mdcowles Web app0 comments

Snooze option

Started by monkey.boy Reminders6 comments

Show the time estimate in the task list

Started by gabriela.gibson Web app8 comments

Return to the task list after completing a task

Started by hmiyaza1 Mobile version6 comments

Group by list name

Started by telegramsam Web app5 comments

Show the keyboard shortcuts next to the fields (e.g. 'Time estimate (g)')

Started by azeckoski Web app3 comments

Ability to receive reminders for tasks that have no due date

Started by alanlindsay Reminders4 comments

Show the total time estimated for a list

Started by mikabren Android app3 comments

Ability to repeat a task a set number of times in a week, but not on specific days (e.g. read a book 4 times in a week)

Started by adrian.adkison Web app2 comments

Windows Phone 7 app

Started by olegka New apps69 comments

Option to automatically hide empty Smart Lists

Started by wallace.sheehan Web app6 comments

Custom task fields

Started by tcng Web app6 comments