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Add a rich text editor for notes

jefftheg says:
One addition I'd love to see is the ability to use a Rich Text Editor when editing Notes.

Thanks for an abolutely GREAT tool !!!!
Posted at 3:44pm on July 15, 2007
caiken says:
Couldn't agree more -- this would make the notes feature much more compelling
Posted 9 years ago
retohaeberli says:
Would love to see that. Others like springpad do a great job regarding this, task mgmt however is much better in RTM.
Posted 9 years ago
cepi says:
It can be done using something as simple as markdown.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
YES!! I would also like to have the ability to format the notes beyond what is currently possible - bullets - indenting - underlining - etc. 'Creative text entry' just isn't the same.
Posted 9 years ago
nadolny says:
Absolutely. Haven't gone pro because of that! Hyperlinks to my gdocs, lists, pictures of my whiteboard drafts....
Posted 5 years ago
nadolny says:
Yes please! This seems such a simple feature. Pasting images, pasting lists is really important, though.
Posted 4 years ago
ebenoni says:
YES! This will justify going Pro for me
Posted 3 years ago
igorfilart says:
Posted 1 year ago
jyuan says:
Posted 1 year ago
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