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Link tasks with contacts

njw says:
I am using RTM as a basic CRM System by creating tasks like "Call Mr. Smith / regarding proposal".

That works pretty well. But there is one missing feature so that it would be perfect for me: Link to the Contact of Mr. Smith.

If the App could link with the iPhone Contacts, I could directly dial out of RTM (more or less).

I don't need note a protocol after the call. That would be to much CRM, but the link would be perfect.

Currently, I am adding the phone numbers in the Notes. But that is less comfortable - especially, when you add the task on the iPhone.

Just an idea.


Posted at 11:01pm on June 24, 2009
(closed account) says:
great idea
Posted 15 years ago
bunchbob says:
Love it, Please make it happen RTM
Posted 15 years ago
mb01915 says:
Or at least be able to make a call directly from the task if the phone number is included in the task.
Posted 15 years ago
mb01915 says:
On further review, one can call from the task, sort of.

The phone number needs to be in the note, not the task.

This is a minor inconvenience but makes my life soooo much easier.

Thanks Bob.
Posted 15 years ago
jonathanbloom says:
I'd also like to see this added.
Posted 15 years ago
jonathanbloom says:
Maybe even the possibility to have the contact info go into the cloud too.
Posted 15 years ago
yaedio says:
I'm Including telephone numbers and email links into the notes but it doesn't result in a useable phone/Mail link.

Am I doing something wrong?
Posted 15 years ago
gui.azurdia says:

maybe you are holding your finger on the link too long and you prompt the note to go into editing. Give it just one quick touch. It works for me with telephone, fax, email and URL
Posted 15 years ago
psychopot says:
Link in notes works, but could you please add telephone, fax, email and URL recognition in Task-titles because I dont use notes that often.
Posted 14 years ago
bkeevins says:
Why can't RTM talk to the Contacts Book? I don't understand. Plenty of other apps for iPhone do it.
Posted 14 years ago
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