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Repeating of tasks with start date only

sowens says:
When I complete a repeating (repeat after) that only has a start date, the repeated task keeps the same start date and adds a due date. The behavior I would expect is for the repeated task to have a start date incremented from today's date by the number of days in the repeat.
Posted at 10:39pm on July 7, 2016
joshua.c.bartholomew says:
I'd add to this that there should be two different repeat parameters--a start date repeat and a due date repeat. For example, I have to renew my vehicle registration by the end of the month in which it expires every year. But, I can't start the renewal process until the beginning of the month. So, I'd like to have the ability to repeat the start date for the first day of that month yearly and repeat the due date for the last day of that month yearly.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
Really hoping this gets properly implemented - I find that a significant proportion of my task list is typically composed of this type of task (the vast majority of all 'maintenance' type activities and other routines fit this pattern), and without this natural treatment of start dates the list quickly becomes unworkable.
Posted 2 years ago
yviwinter says:
Would love that feature and like Joshua mentions I think there should be two repeat options
Posted 1 year ago
jondcoleman says:
I'd really love this.
Posted 1 year ago
jondcoleman says:
I'm disappointed this hasn't been implemented yet. It's the one feature that makes me regularly re-evaluate continuing with RTM.
Posted 17 weeks ago
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