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Ability to update an existing location (change the location)

annevoss says:
I have created a "location-item" for my current location, however, this was derived using triangulation and is "off" by approx. 800 meters. It often happens that I am now outside my own 'nearby' area (set to 1 km). (Of course I can change that, but that's not the point).

I would like to be able to update an existing location with new information. I can now delete location and add it again, but then I have to re-enter the location info on all tasks that used to belong to the original location.
Posted at 12:28pm on January 5, 2009
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi hansv,

Thanks for your feedback!

The best workaround currently would probably be to use the web app to accomplish "re-locating".

1) Rename your current, for example, "Home" location to "Old Home".
2) Create a new location called "Home" for your new residence.
3) Search for tasks located at "Old Home" by searching for: location:"Old Home"
4) Select all results by clicking on the Select "All" link (or pressing the keyboard shortcut, "a").
5) Turn multi-edit mode on with the keyboard shortcut, "m".
6) Edit the location for the selected tasks to be "Home" rather than "Old Home".

It's a bit messy but it works. :) Hope this helps!
Posted 15 years ago
turadg says:
Emily, that is quite a hack. ;)

Since you mention it, I would really like to be able to relocate locations even in the web interface.

And I'd really like to be able to add locations from the iPhone (which knows where it is, unlike the web interface).

If I had these both, I wouldn't mind having to go to the web interface to change an existing location to one that I recorded on my iphone.
Posted 15 years ago
fturner says:
I don't see a way to set up a location using the iPhone's GPS-awareness. It seems hacky that I'd have to copy GPS coordinates from the iPhone to the RTM web app to be able to edit a location.

In addition, the UI here is confusing, as the "+" sign adds a task, rather than a location.
Posted 15 years ago
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