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Ability to 'Select All' tasks

azulet2000 says:
Ability to select all so the user can edit all tags and postpone everything. Already saw this on android suggestion but not ipad.
Posted at 11:55pm on January 2, 2012
dandrake says:
Still needed on iOS apps. Thx.
Posted 7 years ago
venita.warren says:
oh, yes please! The ability to "select all" on iOS would be very helpful.
Posted 7 years ago
brentgiesler says:
Yep. Some of my lists have 100+ items. Touching each one individually to select it is a major pain.
Posted 4 years ago
mikevwoods says:
I use RTM as a shopping list, all items need to start completed. Because the default sort order for completed tasks is the completion date I need to select all items, uncomplete them, select them all again and complete them thus forcing an alphabetical sort order. I have to do this on my desktop because there is no facility to select all in the Android App. Please allow me select all or provide a sort order feature for completed tasks.
Posted 4 years ago
bruzzi says:
Must have! I waste minutes of my time every day on this.
Posted 3 years ago
miferrei says:
Please please... I absolutely need this capability; currently I have to rely on the PC client to practice my daily ' Procrastination En Masse'... [a.k.a. Select + Postpone all]
Posted 3 years ago
jaykaplon says:
Add a press and hold to select all items anyplace you select a single item. Or make a first item at the top of the list when selecting an item in Edit mode that says () All Tasks.
Posted 2 years ago
jaykaplon says:
Actually, an easy fix would be to just add Select All as a menu option to the menu that appears after you press Edit and then select an item. No other interface changes needed. Just a single menu item added.
Posted 2 years ago
boneycur says:
HELLO? ... Hello? ... hello? ...

There's an echo in here. Nobody is listening.

This is what we're asking for: It's a feature that's been in the mobile app forever...well, for years, anyway.


Posted 1 year ago
oralynn says:
Select all feature still not available. My disabled partner and I use shared lists and tasks to communicate and organize which means that, for one of us, we have to look at the completed tasks of a given list since we bounce them back and forth. This does not work well because there is no way to sort completed tasks. Thus, like someone else on this thread already described, we are forced to mass uncomplete lists to force a correct order. Since we have many lists sometimes with hundreds of items on them, doing them one at a time every day is just not feasible. You really need to either provide a way to select all or to sort completed tasks. Both would be great but the lack of the two together creates an untenable situation as others have mentioned previously. People have been begging for this for going on ten years now. It seems pretty basic.
Posted 6 weeks ago
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