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CalDAV support (iCalendar sync)

Started by gferreroferri New integrations132 comments

Dropbox integration

Started by New integrations11 comments

Google Tasks sync

Started by twisted_daemon New integrations104 comments

Add Kanban boards/functionality

Started by sabrinah New integrations49 comments

Automatically schedule tasks as events in Google Calendar

Started by chzumbrunnen New integrations17 comments

Google Chrome extension

Started by hebbet New integrations9 comments

Trello integration

Started by seamus.bradley New integrations34 comments

Smart Add from the Google Chrome address bar

Started by ams24 New integrations14 comments

Google Docs integration

Started by pertussini New integrations0 comments

Add tasks by voice

Started by jason.pham New integrations11 comments

Thunderbird/Lightning integration

Started by pavel.ungr New integrations75 comments

integration with Google Assistant

Started by molly.bierman New integrations36 comments

Quick add from the desktop

Started by morisimo New integrations8 comments

Android Wear support

Started by newmanwj New integrations46 comments

Apple iCal to-do sync

Started by tyee77 New integrations191 comments

Add attachments through OneDrive

Started by pibble New integrations23 comments

Zapier integration

Started by its_erika New integrations21 comments

Google Contacts integration

Started by justin.constant New integrations5 comments

Google Home integration

Started by mjung New integrations22 comments

iOS Reminders app integration

Started by mikael.hardy New integrations5 comments