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Integration with Office 365

Started by marianobenitez New integrations2 comments

Tag Google Docs, Spreadsheets, or Presentations as tasks

Started by (closed account) New integrations10 comments

Google Apps integration

Started by (closed account) New integrations0 comments

Allow iCloud Drive for attachments

Started by yuyuajs New integrations1 comment

BigSur widget

Started by ludwig.lepage New integrations1 comment

New RTM integration based on Gmail Add-on Platform

Started by bruzzi New integrations3 comments

notes ingredient for IFTTT integration

Started by cnolsen New integrations0 comments

Pebble Time

Started by calexo New integrations2 comments

Enable URL Links to Obsidian

Started by petejdc New integrations3 comments

Plugins for main browsers

Started by onerror New integrations0 comments

Evernote tasks sync with RTM

Started by criminal109 New integrations0 comments

Attachment form one drive

Started by thomas.decker New integrations1 comment

Attachment uploaded form local files (allow multiple files)

Started by thomas.decker New integrations1 comment

Add support for RTM as a connected service of Spark

Started by stefano.falconi New integrations1 comment

Amazon Dot

Started by nickle New integrations0 comments

Quick task add for Firefox

Started by cgfrost New integrations1 comment

Ubuntu 12.10 Web App integration

Started by mark.a.hannon New integrations1 comment

Signal messenger

Started by basovink New integrations0 comments

Google Nest Hub Reminders Support

Started by sbeaudry New integrations0 comments

Alfred integration

Started by chris.calo New integrations3 comments