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Automatically schedule tasks as events in Google Calendar

chzumbrunnen says:
There are already some cool ways to integrate RTM with Google, I know, but what I would love to see, is the possibility to add tasks into an existing calendar.

Maybe there is a way already, which I haven't seen yet but what I dream of is having each task from a certain lists or with a specified tag automatically inserted into a user defined Google calendar.

It's again more project management functionality but I think RTM would be able to help here.

Here an example of what I mean:

I have a task "Explaining Debbie how RTM works ^20.02.2010 !2 #Work @Location =30min"

Now RTM would magically enter this task into my Google work calendar on 20.02.2010...

Now, it's a little difficult for RTM to know at what time it should schedule this task into the calendar since it depends on other tasks and appointements on that day... so I propably had to be able to tell RTM my working hours and it should be able to schedule my task to the latest possible date/time not scheduled with any other RTM task during my official work hours and before the due date.not more than n weeks before the due date.
Posted at 8:18am on January 14, 2010
barrett.koster says:
This is a really good idea. The program needs to compute the total time for your tasks and place new ones in the future as you have budgeted time to do them. We have money budget programs galore but time is way more valuable (and fixed) and I've yet to set a personal time management that can tell me concretely whether I actually have time for a particular task and when. When I'm late for work, I want it to re-do my schedule and tell me which task just fell on the floor.
Posted 8 years ago
alohatl says:
I just would love to see all my RTM tasks with due date will show up as events in Google calendar!
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
I think this would be a great improvement to today's google calendar addon, but would suggest to keep all Tasks in in an "RTM Task" Calendar.
Editing events in this calendar should reflect on the original tasks.
Posted 8 years ago
sonjakirsten says:
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Great Idea, but if the integration with google calendar es hard, maybe you can include this in the weekly planner.
Posted 8 years ago
dwkruger says:
The ability to schedule tasks into Google calendar would be a real plus! Thanks for looking into it.
Posted 7 years ago
wavedrop says:
Fellas, you can do this. Here is what I did...

1.) Copy the URL to the Rememeber the Milk in iCal format. You can find it in Settings --> Info --> iCalendar Service (All Lists) (i.e. webcal://{your-rtm-username}/

2.) Login to Google Calendar and add a Calendar by "Add by Url" option. Paste the URL in the box and click OK

3.) Done

Is there a feature that you are looking for that this does not resolve? I personally can see the calendar events on my computer browser and my mobile phone (I have an Android OS Phone) so I'm not aware that there is any other need. I even setup a Calendar notification so the tasks are emailed to me daily. What more would you want.
Posted 7 years ago
wavedrop says:
Supporting Link
Posted 7 years ago
joeri3 says:
I tried this with taskline and outlook, unfortunately the estimated time value got lost after syncing and you need outlook which was just there because I have not found another app that can automatically schedule tasks.

Taskline online, that would be epic.
Posted 6 years ago
joeri3 says:
I tried this with taskline and outlook, unfortunately the estimated time value got lost after syncing and you need outlook which was just there because I have not found another app that can automatically schedule tasks.

Automatic scheduling within RTM, that would be epic and integrated solution.
Posted 6 years ago
leob960 says:
I would love to have my RTM tasks to sync with my google calendar. Would be awesome and convenient since RTM is not supposed to replace a calendar but be a supplement.
Posted 6 years ago
jen.sloan says:
Hi, I have my lists included in my Google calendar - they are all added as a separate "other calendar" - I think I did it with the process that wavedrop outlined if I remember correctly.

What I'd like to know is how frequently the tasks update/sync between Google Calendar and RTM. For instance, I just completed a task, marked it as complete on RTM, refreshed the calendar and RTM, but the task is still showing up on my calendar as if I hadn't completed it yet. Also, if I add a new task it doesn't show up on my Google calendar right away.

Is there something that I can do to sync between RTM and Google Calendar more frequently? How often does this syncing happen? If this is a Pro feature I'd be happy to upgrade!
Posted 6 years ago
bethesk says:
The iCalendar solution is not satisfactory. The "other calendars" update too infrequently and unreliably. I tried using zapier to integrate RTM and Google Calendar, but there are no triggers available, so I assume the RTM api does not make events like "task added", "task updated" etc available. Having my task show up in my calendar is my number one feature request. I'm sure there must be a way!
Posted 3 years ago
docsmooth says:
With the recently announced integration, this might be possible now. If new RTM task, then create Google calendar item.
Posted 2 years ago
bret.bowser says:
Evernote and Trello use Cronofy for this feature. Todoist has a native integration that works well. If RTM could do this it would be great.
Posted 1 year ago
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