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Add tasks by voice

jason.pham says:
Quick add Task by voice to text
Posted at 8:25am on January 30, 2010
toddkitta says:

I constantly think of new tasks while driving. I'd rather call an 800 number than type in a new email to my RTM address. :) Come on guys, save me from myself.
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
I believe Jott and Dial2Do support sending (or even manipulating) tasks in RTM.
Posted 14 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Some more coverage of these issues here:
Posted 14 years ago
chellew620 says:
It nees to be simpler than using a third-party app. Android 2.x has voice-to-text built into the keyboard however there needs to be an option directly in RTM because alternative keyboards do not work (the text box loses focus). A very simple Menu -> Voice Add feature would be wonderful!
Posted 14 years ago
tonysteiner says:
I would already be very happy when RTM would record my voice and add the recording as an attachment to a task in my inbox.
Posted 14 years ago
xash says:
This would be great.
Posted 14 years ago
kslays says:
There is also the Android request here:

However, the solution listed there requires the user to first open the RTM app. Android 2.2+ has a general voice tool, called "voice actions" or "voice search" that is usually activated by long-pressing the "search/find" button. You can say "call so-and-so" or "text so-and-so see you in five minutes" and other commands:

It would be great to just say "add task get milk." Would this be possible, or would the Google app need to change? If so, is it a proprietary app or is it AOSP? If it's AOSP, you could modify it and let people download it as an .apk. However, I don't see it listed on the AOSP site, so it's probably a proprietary Google app:

Posted 13 years ago
webkishor says:
This is an interesting request. Been thinkin about it as well. I used Jott and Dial2Do as well while it was free, but no longer.
I know there's an app called Tasker which allows automation on Android. Is there a way to leverage this tool to accomplish this?
Posted 13 years ago
ledhed2222 says:
Can't this be closed? There is already a way to do this via Siri and a third-party app for Android.
Posted 10 years ago
davewh says:
There's also a version of this request for Android via Google Now integration, not yet implemented, at .
Posted 8 years ago
kevinkolb says:
SMS to IFTTT gives me the ability to do this: "Hey Siri, tell Jarvis, buy a new car." Jarvis is the RTM phone number in my contacts.
Posted 5 years ago
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