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Ability to create new lists from the Tasks screen

Started by rebelm Web app12 comments

Add tasks by voice

Started by jason.pham New integrations10 comments

Export tasks to a text file

Started by bakert Web app1 comment

Include a link to the task in the reminder email

Started by jmguardia Reminders4 comments

Local notifications (i.e. offline notifications)

Started by kike00 iPhone app14 comments

Support for checklists in notes

Started by leonid.bajora Web app3 comments

When adding tasks, live search as you type, so you can see if you've already added a duplicate task

Started by robin.pelham Web app3 comments

New due date format: end of [month name] (e.g. 'end of august')

Started by e.v Web app3 comments

Ability to postpone only one instance of an 'every' repeating task

Started by pstoffel Web app4 comments

Option to hide the Inbox and Sent lists

Started by weirdhero Web app8 comments

Option to specify that a repeat cannot occur on a weekend (e.g. if a bill is due every 30 days, but if the 30 days end on a weekend, the billing date is the following Monday)

Started by hellata Web app1 comment

Customizable printing (add tags, colored priority, etc)

Started by manveru Web app12 comments

Ability to duplicate tasks

Started by manning999 iPhone app7 comments

Quick add from the desktop

Started by morisimo New integrations8 comments

Ability to complete tasks from the Overview screen

Started by pattygolsteijn Web app18 comments

Show an icon in the list when a task is shared

Started by flavio.marigliano Web app1 comment

Custom task fields

Started by tcng Web app12 comments

Add a context menu on individual tasks so that you can access the options for complete, postpone, etc with a single click

Started by bjhenry Web app3 comments

Support for Markdown in notes

Started by ivan.aga Web app42 comments

Default list upon opening app

Started by vzb iPad app5 comments