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New due date format: end of [month name] (e.g. 'end of august')

e.v says:

I wonder how difficuilt would be to add parsing of "end of " format to the due date. Maybe it could be useful (i.e., I'd like and use it :-)).
Posted at 9:17am on February 19, 2007
cody.dehaan says:
I also think this would be useful. Anything to make it more human friendly (tomorrow, tonight, in a week, end of this week, in a year, etc.) make the system more transparent.
Posted 15 years ago
britne says:
ditto. great idea.
Posted 15 years ago
holroy says:
Some of this is available as shown in dateformats. Some are not all that intuitive. I.e. you do have "end of month", but not "end of may". But you do have "may" which will give you the 1st of May (either in this year, or the following if May already passed).

So to tackle all the ones cody.dehaan gives:
- tomorrow - OK
- tonight - enter a time, i.e. 20:00
- in a week - use "1 week"
- end of this week - either "sunday" or "friday"
- in a year - add current month? or "12 months" or "52 weeks"

Maybe not transparent, but doable today. Also note that when giving time intervals, see repeat intervals, you do have a slightly wider group. I.e. year and last monday of month is defined.

Hope this helps, whilst Emily is pondering on what to do next with RTM... ;-)
Posted 15 years ago
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