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Support for virtual locations (e.g. 'office', 'kitchen')

tandoor says:
There are several scenarios I can think of for not wanting to associate a Location with a point on a Google map but I seem to have to pick one anyway. Is there any way to avoid this? E.g.,

- It is a renovation project and the locations are Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen, etc., and a location on a Google map has no relevance (or use either since they would all map to the same point).

- I live in a part of the world for which there is no Google Map.

- My To Do item is "Dig up buried Treasure" and I certainly don't want to run the risk of putting the exact location! :-)

I know I can use Tags, or custom list names, but I really do want to use Location for location, but just with the option of it being a virtual location for which RtM does not need to know the latitude and longitude. Is this possible?
Posted at 3:45am on January 5, 2009
arvid says:
tandoor, at the moment that is not possible. Apologies for that.
Posted 13 years ago
discoveringself says:
Another reason is that sometimes i want to just add "Walmart" or "Library" without having to find out the street address, I know where there are and I know how to get there. I think locations should exist stand alone and the address and associated map should be optional.

Other non address locations can be "online" or "Maria's Office"

I am being forced to use tags for now...

Dear RTM team, please consider this 'enhancement'
Posted 13 years ago
luisico says:
I'm using 'Notes' at the moment, which is just too many steps for something so simple and so necessary. I agree with tandoor and discoveringself, and for me this issue is what's stopping me from using rtm 100%
Posted 12 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I don't see how a tag would be different from a location-less location. The value of locations are there presence on a map, and if you choose not to place the location on a map, then what you have is a tag, isn't it?
Posted 12 years ago
bilhelm96 says:
I'd also like locations not tied to Lat/Long. For example "Home Depot" I could then us the Google Map to search for the nearest HD while I am out running errands.
Posted 12 years ago
apgordon says:
If you want to sort out all the things you need at walmart, why not just tag it @walmart?

Or if you want to organize the things you need to do when you're out shopping, why not tag multiple things .errand or .shopping?

Or, tag all errands with .errand and go a step further by also tagging things with @walmart, @homedepot, @grocery -- then you could get a list of all things you have to do while you're out AND all the things you have to do at each individual store.
Posted 12 years ago
p.kuijper says:
Posted 11 years ago
jeffgarretson says:
Currently I'm using tags for pseudo-locations, and I agree that location is a special case of tags. However, it's a very useful special case, and I would love to be able to use virtual locations. The idea is that when I go to our business office, I'd like to be able to check for tasks I need to do there, so I can avoid another trip later (or better yet, plan ahead so I allocate enough to do all my business office tasks in one trip).

Unfortunately, Google maps doesn't work on an iPad from our business office (please don't get me started about BlueCoat web filtering...), so even if I set up a real, mapped location ahead of time, the iPad wouldn't know I was at the business office anyway. Ugh!
Posted 11 years ago
ceduchess says:
I'd like to use "locations" with GTD locations/types of actions like "calls" and "at a computer". Currently I use tags for this, but it's a bit clunky. With a cell phone I can make a call anywhere, and I have a computer in two places. I could also read something no matter where I am if I have my reading list. I tend to think of them more as "context" instead of location, and I never use the geolocation ability like others do.

As for the "at wallmart" or wherever, I set a location for my favorite grocery store and just pull up that location's list when I'm at any grocer. Again, this is a bit clunky, but at least I have a place to put with the location that the program won't be aggravated by.
Posted 9 years ago
idheath says:
Excellent idea to have virtual locations. I'd love to use the locations feature but most of my locations don't warrant GPS based locations. I've ended up using tags for locations but that's messy because I use them for other things too.
Posted 9 years ago
bbrott says:
please do this. Don't need to add "home office", "phone", "work office". Thanks.
Posted 7 years ago
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