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A daily planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

mikemking says:
I like the weekly planner. I like being able to print it out and take it with me. Would it be possible to have the same exact thing, but only show TODAY'S tasks?

It's very helpful towards staying focused when you're only seeing the immediate actions you need to complete. When you see your entire week, your mind gets bogged down in "oh, I need to do that tomorrow", etc instead of "get this done now".
Posted at 3:58pm on February 15, 2006
msg35 says:
hey mikemking, i dont know if this would be fine for you, but I have the same need you do and i print out the today tab at the overview page. it comes with the tag cloud, but in my opinion it is a little nicer than the weekly planner -- and it is already available.
Posted 16 years ago
mikemking says:
Actually, I solved this problem by doing the following:

- Make a smart list named "Today"
- Make the search criteria: "status:incomplete and dueWithin:1 day of today"

Now you'll have a Tasks List that shows today's due tasks. And you'll have the Print icon at the right so it can be printed.
Posted 16 years ago
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