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Support for checklists in notes

leonid.bajora says:
I use notes as subtasks — маке 1,2.3 оr more notes in task, then delete note after proper subtask complete. I don`t understand why not make another tab like a "notes" with "check" instead of "delete" :)
Easiest way — add "check" feature to notes!
Posted at 7:16am on October 21, 2010
(closed account) says:
excellent suggestion be added in as a standard feature
Posted 10 years ago
(closed account) says:
I think this is the best way to implement subtasks without complicating the interface, especialy when the notes are moved tot the same tab as the task details!
Posted 10 years ago
eustaquiorangel says:
So, for every subtask, a note is created? But if we delete them, we loose history.
Posted 8 years ago
gord.tomlin says:
A checklist in a note is a great way to have a bunch of one-liner items to do within a task. Nice and lightweight.
Posted 2 years ago
dmbenjsr says:
Posted 11 months ago
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