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Add URL field

Started by justdoro Bookmarklet13 comments

Auto-complete for tags

Started by trikyguy Bookmarklet1 comment

Return to 'Add Task' page after a task is added

Started by les.fister Bookmarklet0 comments

Support for Smart Add

Started by tomchance Bookmarklet9 comments

After adding task, add a link to go directly to the selected task

Started by felixc Bookmarklet1 comment

Add priority field

Started by dhaugen612 Bookmarklet4 comments

Make 'Add More' a button (not a link) for faster adding

Started by (closed account) Bookmarklet1 comment

Cow icon for 'Quick Add' link

Started by bangjila Bookmarklet1 comment

Save URL of page when using Quick Add

Started by nofinator Bookmarklet1 comment

Ability to add to Smart Lists

Started by david.howes Bookmarklet0 comments

Add location field

Started by flipstu Bookmarklet0 comments