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Support for Smart Add

tomchance says:
The smart add feature is just fantastic, but the bookmarklet is still stuck in the sleepy past!

It would be great if the bookmarklet, or perhaps a special version of the bookmarklet, worked like the smart add feature rather than having a limited set of extra fields.
Posted at 9:16am on September 25, 2009
(closed account) says:

this would let you close out a bunch of posts here in the forums (asking for various fields, etc)
Posted 11 years ago
dylan.eiler says:
I agree. This would be wonderful!
Posted 11 years ago
arcanewinter says:
I'm floored (okay, that's an exaggeration) that this wasn't done as soon as Smart Add was released, since the two ideas go hand in hand. The full site takes a few seconds to load, and I've become so reliant on RTM that a few seconds is all it takes for me to forget the thing I needed to tell myself to do later.

I'd been using a workaround, where I just bookmarked the mobile version of the "add a task" (which has all the fields, unlike the bookmarklet), but come on! We have Smart Add now, let us use it as the shortcut it's meant to be! :D
Posted 11 years ago
logan.rhyne says:
It would be great to get the smart add syntax built into the bookmarklet.

In the meantime a simple-ish workaround is to use the twitter bookmarklet to send direct messages to RTM - this way you can use the smart add syntax from your browser's location bar without ever having to leave the page or even open a pop-up window.
Posted 11 years ago
comewalk says:

hm, all requests published 1 year ago :(

I want to add below in 'Send to' button on Google Reader.${title}%20${url}

If you implement this, I can use RTM like Read It Later :)

Would you implement Smart Add in Quick Add?

Posted 10 years ago
logicx says:
Yes - there definitely needs to be a GET URL which supports smartadd, so we can integrate across even more platforms. It should just reference your cookie for auth, as to who's account this task is being added to.

It can then be integrated into browser smart search bars, sites like ddg (imagine !rtm new task #list ^tuesday
Posted 9 years ago
good.evil.genius says:
I'm shocked this still hasn't been implemented. Like logicx says, there needs to be a URL that can take the smart add syntax. It could be added into yubnub, and a host of other places.
Posted 9 years ago
campoe says:
Posted 8 years ago
bradparks says:
Has this been implemented?
Posted 1 year ago
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