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New due date format: som and eom (start of month and end of month)

Started by nickle Web app0 comments

The opposite of postpone (bring a task's due date forward to today)

Started by saul.rosenbaum Web app2 comments

Ability to postpone for longer than a day

Started by mkohpotts Web app84 comments

Ability to create new lists from the Tasks screen

Started by rebelm Web app12 comments

Export tasks to CSV

Started by nickle Web app51 comments

Change your default list based on time (e.g. automatically switch between home and work lists)

Started by wcitypoe Web app4 comments

Add a 'phone number' field for locations

Started by vja2 Web app2 comments

Floating tasks, i.e. if you don't complete the task on its due date, the due date automatically rolls onto the next day

Started by jamezzz Web app9 comments

Custom task fields

Started by tcng Web app6 comments

Bookmarkable URLs (permalinks) for lists and Smart Lists

Started by vicentginer Web app7 comments

Add a 'phone number' field for tasks

Started by ramiak Web app10 comments

Show excerpts of notes in the task list

Started by levercc Web app2 comments

Add a 'percentage complete' field for tasks

Started by giles.cameron Web app11 comments

Custom statuses for tasks (e.g. not started, started, in progress, etc)

Started by vicentginer Web app16 comments

Add more priority levels

Started by gmalone Web app20 comments

Export tasks to a text file

Started by bakert Web app1 comment

New due date format: [number] days before [date] (e.g. '4 days before october 14th')

Started by flatiron32 Web app2 comments

New repeat option: first [day name] of [month name] (e.g. 'first saturday of august')

Started by calibertolls Web app1 comment

Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Started by vt Web app2 comments

Allow multiple URLs for one task

Started by shk Web app6 comments