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Include tags in the category field in the iCalendar feed

Started by jhulst Web app1 comment

Ability to edit task names inline (in the task list)

Started by lhenriquez Web app24 comments

Ability to have task and note data encrypted on the servers

Started by (closed account) Web app6 comments

Tasks due not based on dates, but on other criteria (e.g. for car maintenance, the due might be based on odometer reading)

Started by matthauger Web app1 comment

Automatically extract tags based on the task name

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Ability to add tasks from the Overview screen

Started by isho Web app4 comments

Notes feature (for notes that aren't related to tasks)

Started by karimckay Web app4 comments

Hide/show lists based on current location (e.g. only show work-related lists at work)

Started by dominic.spachmann Web app4 comments

Option to login from the 'no published lists' page

Started by whalford Web app1 comment

Ability to convert notes into tasks (and vice versa)

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Support for Yandex maps

Started by andrew.veresov Web app2 comments

Support for checklists in notes

Started by leonid.bajora Web app5 comments

Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

Started by krohn Web app3 comments

Return focus to most recently viewed list after a Search

Started by lgmb_0t1 Web app0 comments

Detect URLs starting with 'www.' as well as 'http://' when adding with Smart Add

Started by action.manager Web app2 comments

New repeat option: [day name] after the [interval] [day name] (e.g. 'monday after the first sunday', which is not always the first monday)

Started by Web app1 comment

Ability to publish Smart Lists

Started by gamayo Web app5 comments

Copy notes with repeat 'after'

Started by traycerb Web app42 comments

Option to hide unused properties in the Atom feed

Started by tomdesp Web app0 comments

Auto-complete search field with search operators (ala Gmail)

Started by ramzo19 Web app1 comment