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Ability to number tasks temporarily in a list so that you know which to do first

Started by mkmkmk0 Web app4 comments

Ability to attach picture (gallery / camera)

Started by (closed account) Web app9 comments

Customizable 'Dashboard' view

Started by stimulus2da Web app1 comment

De-select tasks after action

Started by lillytryon Web app9 comments

Ability to attach voice notes to tasks

Started by mamico Web app0 comments

Auto-correction of mistyped priorities with Smart Add

Started by michael.stainthorpe Web app0 comments

Enhance Smart Add in web app to work like iPhone app (helper bar)

Started by jimborooney Web app1 comment

Support for formatting in notes

Started by jordi9 Web app21 comments

Search for tasks that have a due time (not just a due day)

Started by requenalberto Web app5 comments

Change online interface to work like the iPad app

Started by mmaza Web app1 comment

Add tasks by voice in Chrome

Started by robertvanbregt Web app1 comment

Option to remove logo when printing

Started by zshihab Web app12 comments

Support for sharedWith:groupname search

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Ability to keep tags inline in list name (e.g., 'Call #Dave')

Started by justlikegeorge Web app0 comments

Ability to bulk update notes

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

New search operators: isListed and isSmartLIsted

Started by denis.garci Web app1 comment

Ability to 'archive' a task

Started by sthurn Web app2 comments

Paginate the completed tasks view

Started by yosri Web app0 comments

Ability to have a repeatable list, where the tasks repeat only when all the tasks have been completed

Started by cranstonide Web app0 comments

Ability to postpone all overdue tasks on the Overview screen

Started by superq Web app3 comments