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Bookmarkable URLs (permalinks) for tags

olliebaum says:
I'm an ardent user of Voodoopad so I like to be able to link my favourite sites and web apps to maximise my use of them. Therefore the ability to permalink to my lists in Remember the Milk is very helpful. But, like any efficient RTM user, I use tags quite a lot too and it would be beneficial to me if I were able to paste a link in my Voodoopad files that would take me directly to a query in Remember the milk searching for "tag:films". Since I have several tags, obviously creating smart lists for each tag would be cumbersome as I do not wish to unnecessarily cluster my RTM home screen.
This idea might be furthered by the ability to describe any query of your tasks in a permalink which can be pasted elsewhere for your own use.
A potentially easier solution to this problem would be to allow Archived smart lists to be available to view by permalink. This would allow users who wish to do so to save tag searches but have them archived so as not to cluster their RTM home screen.

Any ideas for temporary solutions anyone or does this need proper implementation?
Posted at 6:33pm on August 27, 2012
dbsk says:
As an added bonus, if the query itself was in the URL, this would add a way to share smart list criteria with other RTM users, as desired at
Posted 10 months ago
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