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Make shared lists stand out from my lists

cweb says:
I would like to see icons or text indicating that the list I'm working in or looking at is a shared list.

When I accept a shared list from a friend it shows up in the Web UI as another tab with the same color and font as my own lists. It would be helpful if that list could be differentiated with a color or font type to let me easily see it's a shared list.

There's also nothing on the Task Lists that indicates to me this is a shared list...

Also, when I go back to Settings - Lists after accepting a shared list, there's nothing to show me which list was shared by a friend.

Do you expect me to remember the list at the time I accept the sharing invite? When it has a similar name to ones of my own it easily gets lost in the mix.

Posted at 4:15pm on July 10, 2012
admirau says:
Good idea, there are already similar ones requesting configurable colors for lists or tags.
Posted 4 years ago
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