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Support for formatting in notes

jordi9 says:
I would love to see some additional options to format notes.

Just the basic stuff: bold, italic and bullet lists... and with a very simple notation, ala Confluence:

Text formatting
*bold* bold
_italic_ italic
-strike- strike
+under+ under

* Bulleted point
# Numbered point

thumbs up!
Posted at 9:58am on June 1, 2011
caboyer says:
I would love to see these features in Notes! Also I'd like to be asked if I want to save a new note if I move away from the note without saving it - I've lost some long notes that way.
Posted 9 years ago
neo789 says:
Yes, I would prefer to store all of my important memos within RTM. Simple layout control like inserting spaces or underlines within my entries would be fantastic. THX
Posted 8 years ago
johnalexwood says:
I would love to see all the above feature suggestions added too.
Posted 8 years ago
heiner.fruehling says:
I'd love to have this feature, too. Just as outlined above, simple, Wiki-style language to format and organize text.
Posted 8 years ago
hans.meine says:
Yes please. I would suggest e.g. reST or MarkDown as existing markup languages.
Posted 8 years ago
hans.meine says:
(Actually, I am most interested in "proper", nested bullet lists.)
Posted 8 years ago
tony.hild says:
I would love to see all the above feature suggestions added too.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Ditto on this - ESPECIALLY bullets!!!
Posted 7 years ago
robc.the.geek says:
I would also be _really_ interested in this! ;)
Posted 5 years ago
marinew says:
I'm waiting for this feature for years !
As said above, a basic formatting would be sufficient.
Posted 4 years ago
robc.the.geek says:
Has there been any update/thoughts on this? The new UI is awesome, but not being able to apply the most BASIC of formatting to notes is frustrating.
Posted 4 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes, basic formatting please! Specifically bullets and bold/italic type of formatting allows me to organize my thoughts (notes) so much better! Since I'm familiar with Markdown, hyphens or asterisks are somewhat natural for me to type, BUT not having that transform the formatting visually makes it a cumbersome workaround at best.
Posted 3 years ago
holl0w says:
This ist basicly the same as

I would also appreciate the feature.
Posted 3 years ago
bartstruyf says:
I would like this too
Posted 3 years ago
pfaco says:
Posted 3 years ago
mcgaritydotme says:
Since this has been going around for over 6 years, I don't see it happening. I wonder if someone at RtM has the time to explain why it hasn't been considered, since it's been suggested over and over.
Posted 2 years ago
loumuccioli says:
I would like this too. Just the basic stuff as jordi9 describes.
Posted 2 years ago
bunker22 says:
I would like to see formatting within notes. I don't understand why its not been implemented.
Posted 1 year ago
victortnt says:
Great idea!
Posted 12 months ago
mmmagk says:
Posted 6 months ago
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