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Option to flip the J and K keyboard shortcuts

Started by jsejcksn Web app7 comments

Add a 'description' field for lists

Started by chrispaton Web app5 comments

Customize sort order for completed tasks

Started by boxinxu Web app23 comments

Option to automatically select newly added tasks

Started by captaincampari Web app1 comment

Keyboard shortcut to select the last created task

Started by trikyguy Web app4 comments

Randomizer for dues dates, e.g. to have tasks repeat roughly (but not exactly!) every 2 weeks

Started by rusharound Web app0 comments

Task triggers

Started by simeons Web app2 comments

Auto-link phone numbers in task names and notes

Started by rbnoyes Web app0 comments

Add a 'business hours' field for locations

Started by c0debabe Web app3 comments

Search by repeating interval (e.g. 'daily', 'weekly' repeating tasks)

Started by Web app2 comments

Auto-print your upcoming tasks every day

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Option to disable wrapping when navigating a list with the keyboard shortcuts (when you reach the bottom, don't jump back to the top again)

Started by jumpfroggy Web app0 comments

Option to share the priority on shared tasks

Started by josh.bluestein Web app3 comments

Statistics on completed tasks

Started by ernfors Web app74 comments

Show tasks completed today on the Overview screen

Started by jbigelow Web app0 comments

Option to reopen the 'key' (help box)

Started by mtav Web app5 comments

Support for bullets in notes

Started by waynedunkley Web app6 comments

When tasks are emailed in, show the email address of the sender

Started by shaunm Web app1 comment

Color code tasks by which list they belong to

Started by john.farrell Web app5 comments

Display which sort is currently used

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments